Szczecin, Poland!

Szczecin, Poland!

TrekJitsu is a Podcast and web service dedicated to gathering knowledge about martial arts from around the world. 

Have you ever traveled to a new gym in a new place and found that their classes are structured differently than yours? 

Maybe they start practice with 20 minutes of sparring? Maybe they don't spar at all? Perhaps they place a lot of emphasis on strength and conditioning? Maybe their kids program is very good with new teaching concepts that haven't reached your neck of the woods? 

Ever wondered about why they do this? 

TrekJitsu is about getting everyone's opinion. We are interested in talking to everyone from the highest ranked world champions down to a BJJ blue belt who teaches a successful women's self defense program. 

Everyone can learn from anyone and we are dedicated to bringing you points of view from all over the world. 

You can find our Podcast on this very website, iTunes, Stitcher, and wherever else Podcasts are bought, sold, and traded (usually for free) on the world wide web.



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