Michael Liera Jr. Talks About Training at Atos and High Level Jiu-Jitsu

Michael Liera Jr. is a Brazilian JIu-Jitsu black belt training out of Atos in San Diego, California. Michael has amassed some incredible accomplishments in BJJ including becoming a 3x World Champion, 5x Pan American National Champion, 10x American National Champion, NoGi World Champion, World Pro Abu Dhabi Champion, 3x World Pro Trials Champion, and a 1x European Champion. 

An extremely talented young grappler, Michael Liera Jr. is a black belt under the legendary Andre Galvao. I was able to meetup with Michael while he was doing a seminar tour throughout Europe and Asia and I had the great fortune of attending one of his seminars and doing a Podcast following the session. If you ever get a chance to attend one of Michael's seminars, you will be impressed by some ninja guard passing and incredible sweeps. 

Thank you for all the support and thanks to Michael for being on the show.

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