Oli Geddes Talks About Competing Around the World, Training Under Roger Gracie, and Polaris 4

Oli Geddes is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under the legendary Roger Gracie. Oli is from London, England, and is a well known figure in the BJJ scene who has competed in every level of the sport for many years. Oli is heavily involved in the BJJ Globetrotters organization and can regularly be found teaching at Globetrotters camps all over the world. In addition, Oli recently served as a referee at Polaris 4, produced a foot lock instructional DVD, and started his own association. Oli somehow found time in his busy schedule to come on the Podcast and chat about competing all over the world, training under Roger Gracie, and share some insider thoughts about Polaris and the invitational-style tournament. 

Oli shares tons of knowledge in this interview and it was great to have him on the show. Make sure you check out Oli's new foot lock mastery DVD. I recently won a match at a tournament with one of the techniques on the DVD and can vouch for it's effectiveness. Really cool stuff. 

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Show Notes!

Oli's Footlock Mastery downloadable DVD. Oli shares details surrounding the straight ankle lock and introduces moves that are legal for all belt levels in a standard IBJJF tournament. This is one of the best instructional DVDs on the market if you're looking for Gi specific leglocks. 

Oli Geddes on BJJHeroes

BJJ Globetrotters

US Globetrotters Camp and Austria Camp that we talk about specifically. 

IBJJF Worlds and Masters Worlds

The match between Andre Galvao and Ryron Gracie at Metamoris

Yoga for BJJ

Polaris 4, where Oli served as a referee

The outstanding Polaris 4 free undercard streamed on YouTube

Daniel Strauss

Roger Gracie, one of the most accomplished BJJ athletes of all time and Oli's instructor 

Roger Gracie's match with Xande Ribeiro