Samuel Rivera Explains How to Make Awesome Videos for BJJ

Have you ever wondered how to make better videos for your martial arts school or event? In this episode, we discuss the elements that make up a great video. Samuel Rivera is a documentary film maker who owns Samuel Rivera Films. Samuel has made documentaries about Tom Deblass, Mikey Main, Karl Nemeth, and many others. Samuel focuses around the theme of people working through struggles to achieve something greater than themselves. 

It was great to talk to Samuel about the elements that make up a great video. If you've thought about creating media in the past, this is a great episode for you. Check out Samuel's work at the links below. Thanks for listening! 

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Show Notes!

Samuel Rivera Films Website

Samuel's different social media websites. Give Samuel a subscription on YouTube, a Like on Facebook, a follow on Instagram, or a Tweet in the Twitterverse

Samuel's Documentary about Tom Deblass

Here's the video Samuel made about Jocco Willink, former Navy Seal Commander

The trailer for the upcoming documentary about Ricardo Almeida that Samuel is currently producing

Stephen Pressfield's new book Nobody Wants to Read Your ShitAs discussed on the podcast, Stephen Pressfield is one of my favorite authors. In this book, he talks about the elements of storytelling and what makes good media. 

Jocco Willink Podcast, the Tim Ferriss Show, and the Joe Rogan Experience. Three of the best Podcasts in media if you're ever looking for a great episode :) 

We talked about a few media creation products on the episode including the Blue Yeti mic I use for this podcast and iMovie for editing footage and making a great video